Dutch for adults

If you are interested in Dutch for adults we offer Online private lessons. If there is enough interest we could either start an online group class OR a group class at one of our school in North Hollywood, Orange County of San Diego.

Our lessons

"Wie ben je, wat doe je en waar kom je vandaan?”  "Who are you, what do you do and where do you come from?” Our Introduction to Dutch course for adults teaches the basics of the language. You will learn how to introduce yourself, conduct simple conversations and ask for directions to name a few examples. No prior knowledge of the language is required to join this fun-filled introduction to Dutch. The focus of the classes will be conversation and pronunciation, in addition to learning elementary grammar.

These lessons are focused on achieving good verbal language skills using different themes and situations, enrichment of the vocabulary, the correct pronunciation, grammar and conversational skills are taught.

Different levels

We can also offer Dutch classes on a higher level (from A to B2) for adults that have already knowledge of Dutch.

Tuition method

We use one of the latest interactive tuition methods that have an online program + an Ebook so that you can continue working at home as well.


Students can obtain a Certificate for Dutch as a Foreign Language (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal, CNaVT). The CNaVT has various profiles. The students follow the profile best suited to them. The Dutch School of SoCal will become an official site for administering the Certificate this year. Exams take place in May every year.

If you are interested please contact Laura Lighart via lligthart@dutchschoolsocal.org.